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Written by Ayman Atmeh
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# Manual Allocation

if you turn on this feature , buy -> get behavior will change as the following example

lets assume you have a promotion : Buy 10 from product X and get 2 for free from product X

then you have added 60 items to cart .

in this case (manual allocation is turned on) you will see your 60 products in cart and a badge with promo available to select additional products to apply your promotions .

which is 12 from product X

if Manual Allocation option is turned off and we have the same promotion .

then you have added 60 items to cart .

you will see 48 of product X and 12 free from product X.

to summarize it up automatic allocation will apply promotion automatically which is preferred option for most of companies . If you feel uncomfortable with the behaviour turn manual allocation to on .

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