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All your reps visits , all you need to have a visibility over your team

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1- You can access visit report from the side menu by choosing Reports->Visits

2- What is Filters ?

Filters will help you to search for a specific information , for example you can filter for visits in a specific Area , or visits for a client .

Group By Filter : think of it as a pivot in excel , lets take an example ,

you want to see all visits are made by reps but not in a scattered way , take a look for the table bellow , to achieve it , you can choose group by : Rep

Rep Name

# of Visits

Total Duration

Rep A

200 Visits

15:00:00 hours

Rep B

150 Visits

13:30:00 hours

Ok lets make it more interesting ,

let assume i want to see , each Rep on every Client Visits like the table bellow :

Rep Name

Client Name

# visits

Total Duration

Rep A

Client A



Rep A

Client B



Rep B

Client A



Rep B

Client B



to achieve this , you can choose group by : Rep and Client together .

3- What if you want to see all taken photos , notes , forms etc.. with every visits ?

we got you covered ,

You can select With Photos , With Notes , With Forms etc...

but what is the difference between With Photos and Only with photos ?

  • With Photos : it will get you all visits and add a column on your report to show the photos if any , if there are no photos in their visits , it will remain as an empty cell .

  • Only With Photos : it will get you all visits that only have photos taken , so lets assume a rep didn't take any photo , so that visit will not be visible in the report .

4- Unique Visits : if you check this option , it will get you visits that are unique .

for example : your rep visited same client 4 times , if unique visits are checked it will get you only one visit out of 4 .

5- How can you automate this process , lets say you want this exact reports with your desired filters to be sent on weekly basis on Thursday for example

  • Click on Actions button

  • Select Schedule Email

  • Enter your email subject (i.e Visit Report for Rep X and Area Y)

  • Add your emails ( it can be single or multiple emails )

  • Select Every Week ( also there are many options like daily ,weekly monthly)

  • Finally choose your time ( we have several options -> Morning , Noon and evening)

  • Click Save 😎 and enjoy your scheduled emails

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