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Written by Ayman Atmeh
Updated over a week ago

it very easy to create your own dashboard and metrics ..

First you need to navigate to BI Dashboard on the side menu .

  1. Click on Create : select a name for your dashboard . Local name attribute is your secondary language name (Arabic for example) .

2. Click on Create Widget , widgets is a library of metrics that you can customize across the platform .

3- Select a widget you want to place into your dashboard .

Define a name for your widget , Time period (Current or Last) Widget Cycle ( Day , Week , Quarter , Month, Year )

for example : if you want to measure Last's month Rep Visits , select a time period->(Last) , Widget Cycle (Month) .

Then click on Create Widget

4- Now you can see the widget on BI dashboard , now click on Edit Dashboard to Resize and move widget to organize , make a space for other widgets .

5- It will look like something like this

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